Learning to be awake and the wisdom of knowing
when we are and when we are not

    Learning to be awake and the wisdom of knowing when we are and when we are notThe state of being which is often referred to as “being awake” is one in which we are able to fully use our intellectual knowledge and skills, and concurrently our inner wisdom, to efficiently and effectively achieve our individual and shared purposes. Being awake is not just utilizing our knowledge and skills to achieve our purpose but also concurrently drawing on our inner wisdom as a resource in achieving our purpose; being a craftsman and an artist to achieve an outer purpose and concurrently to contribute to building together a happy and healthy world forourselves and future generations. The journey is complex and will be long but it is humankind'sjourney. We have come far.

    Humankind has developed many religions and many views of the state of being I refer to as being awake. A common concept is that when one is awake one is being guided by God and thus if 2 people or 2 factions of society hear a different message from their inner wisdom there is stress or conflict, which sometimes leads to war. It is my view that when this dichotomy exists there is an opportunity to learn and evolve.

Wholeness and Oneness

Hearing one’s inner wisdom

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