Human Evolution - The 3 Legs Of The Stool

    There is a well-known management consultant named W Edwards Deming who believed strongly that if you are trying to achieve a purpose, it is not only essential to understand “What” you wish to achieve and “Why” but also, “How”, which is the theory and methodology for achieving your purpose.

    Humankind is challenged today by an increasing deterioration in the state of well-being of individuals, society and our environment. Our challenges are exacerbated by the increase in human population from around 4 billion in 1975 to around 8 billion today. Our societal and religious leaders are well aware of the challenges we face and although there are many efforts to address the symptoms of societal ill health, things are getting worse rather than better. There is a dearth of solutions to save the well-being of humankind and our planet. We understand “What” the challenges we face are and “Why” it’s important to address them; we need a valid theory and methodology on “How” to address them.

    Riane Eisler, the founder of the Center for Partnership Systems, has identified what I believe to be the root cause of the majority of the challenges our society faces. She refers to this as the prevalent dominating human culture and she strongly advocates the need to move our culture to a partnership culture. I concur.

    Each individual has their own unique way of experiencing happiness but the majority in today’s society are unhappy with their situation and are deeply concerned about the challenges faced by those they love, our society and our planet. Human organizations large and small are increasingly challenged to ensure meaningful survival. I have described below what I refer to as the 3 legs of the stool and for each area thoughts on the path forward that I recommend be pursued.

The 3 Legs Of The Stool

Leg One - Accessing Inner Wisdom

Leg Two - Learning to Be Better Partners

Leg Three - Defining Humankind’s Evolutionary Vision

Resources Available for Enabling Human Evolution